How might I grab and hold the attention of Brooks' email subscribers, encourage click-through, drive sales, while making an aesthetic contribution to an inbox?
Compel runners to open emails and click through in the hope of making a purchase or engage with content while maintaining brand and campaign standards. 
• Work closely with the CRM strategy team and copywriter to achieve goals set out during kickoff meetings
• Reference brand and campaign style guides to guarantee cohesive look and feel
• Present a variety of design directions and iterate based on internal and stakeholder feedback
Category Digital Design, Animation, CRM 
Tools Photoshop, Sketch, InDesign, Illustrator, After Effects
Emails are one of the largest sources of revenue at Brooks and we deliver a lot of them to runners in-boxes on a weekly basis. I personally find them to be a tremendous amount of fun and find the challenge of creating something new and engaging while working within the constraints of the brand, campaign, and our Sketch library exciting.  Emails are kind of like poster design. It's an opportunity for me to design something that grabs and hold the attention and encourages subscribers to click through. 
Throughout the year Brooks releases special-edition footwear and apparel that celebrates a variety of causes and holidays. It's one of the ways we come alongside runners and show support through fun and unique designs that allows runners to express their pride. Each MRA comes with it's own creative guide and lifestyle photography and is later disseminated to all the teams so that there is a cohesive look and feel across all customer touchpoints.  We have found through user-testing that subscribers love these creative wrappers. While they stick close to and represent the overall Brooks brand they allow us to say something visually unique.
New Apparel and Footwear Releases
Throughout the year we release new and updated footwear and apparel. These releases provides us with the unique challenge of how best to visually convey the aspects and benefits of the footwear or apparel. Below are some examples of a variety of campaigns at different stages ranging from tease, launch, and sustain.  
Our editorial emails are opportunities to build brand equity while coming alongside runners to show support, talk about running tips and advice, and share inspiring stories.  
There's always a reason to celebrate and no matter what holiday it is we enjoy creating unique wrappers that capture the mood and feel of the season. 

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