Hi! Thanks for taking a look at my site. Originally from Tennessee, I moved to Seattle to pursue my love for climbing in the Cascade Mountains. That same passion and motivation carry over into my work as a designer. In my current Visual Designer role at Brooks Running, I work alongside a team of strategists, copywriters, developers, and other designers on a range of digital projects, including designing home and landing pages, web articles, email, and social media campaigns. I enjoy collaborating with my colleagues while being involved in every step of the process, from kick-off meetings, internal and stakeholder reviews to QA testing.
When I'm not designing, you can find me playing around on the knife-edged ridges of the Cascades, bike touring around the islands of Puget Sound, or sitting in a rocking chair, reading a book, while basking in the sun. 
User Focused Design
Project Management
Visual Communication
Presentation Skills
UX/UI Principles
Layout Design
After Effects

photo: Dan Holz
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